Published reviews available electronically can be found as follows:

Living History: A Family’s 19th Century

The Quirky Dr Fay: A Remarkable Life

This book has also been reviewed by journals for which your library may have a subscription.  These are
Economic History Review                  May 2013, vol. 66, 657-659
History of Political Economy            
May 2013, vol. 55, 356-358
Irish Economic and Social History    Dec 2013, vol. 40, 139-140.

It is highlighted on other websites including Christ’s College, Cambridge; Plunkett Foundation; Co-operative News; and Acadiensis, Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region.

Making the Heavens Hum Part 1 – Kingsley Wood and the Art of the Possible 1881-1924

has been reviewed in Methodist Recorder 26th September 2014, Conservative History Journal September 2014 and Twentieth Century British History September 2015, vol. 26, 479-481.

Making the Heavens Hum Part 2 – Kingsley Wood: Scenes from a Political Life 1925-1943

has been reviewed in Methodist Recorder 25th August 2017, The Historian February 2018, Conservative History Journal October 2018 and Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society February 2019, vol. 62, 43-44.

English Historical Review published a review as an advance article on 24th June 2019. This review contains a number of elementary errors, not least regarding the length of Wood’s biography. This is relevant to both the first paragraph (which claims incorrectly that Part 1 was longer) and several of the conclusions in the final one. This error has been acknowledged, OUP have issued a correction to the online version and will be including one in the print issue in due course.

1900 Liverpool Lives: The Threads That Bind

has been reviewed in Methodist Recorder 17th May 2019.

Other reviews will be appearing shortly.