Three Hundred Years of Village Views: A Brief Miscellany   January 2019

ISBN 978-1-9998510-3-3
– various perspectives on villages and village life over the last three hundred years
Available as a free download – see Home page
£1.00 where sold  16pp

Nowt But Red: Post-election briefing   May 2015

Norbert Reid and Joe Brydon
ISBN 978-0-9562041-3-4
– an analysis of the outcome of the May 2015 general election in the UK
£1.00   4pp

Ten Days To Remember But A Week To Forget   May 2010

Joe Brydon
ISBN 978-0-9562041-2-7
– a contemporaneous record of the days after the May 2010 general election in the UK
£1.00   16pp