Quirky Dr Fay

From Liverpool where his father was a shipping agent, Charles Ryle Fay (1884-1961) was an advocate of co-operation, workers’ and women’s rights, and a leading British machine gunner in World War I.  Professor of Economic History at Toronto University during the 1920s, his legacy in Canada is still remembered – as it is in India and elsewhere.  He was Chairman of the Horace Plunkett Foundation for ten years, on the Council of the Royal Economic Society for almost twenty and taught at Cambridge University for thirty years.  His friends included John Maynard Keynes and Sir William Beveridge, and he helped and inspired Sir Austin Robinson to become an economist.  He retired to Belfast in the 1950s, but continued to travel and lecture widely.  He was the author of nearly twenty books, some still in print or recently revived.  This is his first biography.


Charles Ryle Fay preface