1809: Between Hope and History

1809 was a key year in the transformation of Britain from an eighteenth century society to the world that was apparent by the Reform Act of 1832.  Yet the period 1806 – 1812 has often been neglected.  This book describes the major political, economic and social changes that took place at a time of corruption and clash.  Instability and uncertainty in Britain added to an explosive mixture.


People still had hope, but they were aware of history.  Their optimism was tempered by recent revolutions in America and France, by war in Ireland, by continuing concerns over Napoleon’s intentions, and by growing upheaval at home as the Industrial Revolution took hold.  Expectations had changed, but would they be fulfilled?


Change would be constant after 1809, so the search for stability was doomed.

“An excellent, well-written chronicle which all those who enjoy drilling down into history will love.”  Our Time, May 2009

1809 Between Hope and History synopsis

Some key people in 1809