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Gretton Books is a small publisher based in Cambridge, England established in 2009.  To mark our 10th anniversary in 2019 all book prices have been reduced by at least one-sixth (in one case by a third). These prices will be held until the end of 2019.

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Liverpool Lives summary

Pas-de-deux summary

Village views pamphlet

Kingsley Wood overall synopsis

Charles Ryle Fay preface

Living History extract

Some key people in 1809

1809 Between Hope and History synopsis


Gretton Books does not accept unsolicited manuscripts; the list is added to only by specific commissions.  It publishes both books and pamphlets, usually non-fiction covering history and politics since the nineteenth century, and since 2016 fiction as well.  It continues to seek original non-fiction that links literature and social reform, and is open to proposals for out-of-copyright books that deserve to be re-printed. Our contact details are on the final page.